key management tool

  • Our Solution

    KnectIQ’s system approach succeeds because we uniquely address the root of the problem. By taking a system approach, we can both leverage the proven strength of existing cryptographic tools with no stored secrets, simultaneously protecting against and containing any breach. Applications KnectIQ’s systems approach security can be deployed to any connected location, providing end to […]

  • The Problem

    Building upon a flawed foundation always leads to structural problems. Traditional approaches to securing data-in-flight are problematic because they share same issue: persistent stored secrets. Every lock needs a key. It is no different with software encryption where a secret key must be used to decrypt the traffic. Existing strategies leave the key stored on […]

  • Our Tech Explained

    Encrypting data-in-flight involves encrypting data at one location and decrypting it at another. For example, if you send data from one data center to another, and want to ensure confidentiality of this exchange, you would use data-in-flight encryption to encrypt the data before it leaves the sending data center, then decrypt it at the receiving […]

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    Meet Our Team Advisory Board With the understanding that the company needed experienced advisors, Ken Morris tapped his expansive network and assembled an impressive board to advise on both the domestic and international fronts. Their guidance and leadership have been invaluable. Current Position in Bold