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Prevention solution needed

Cyber attacks continue to increase in volume, sophistication, and cost every day.

When companies and organizations are unable to protect customer data it erodes trust.

KnectIQ was founded to build better cybersecurity technology that prevents successful intrusions on systems, networks and devices to keep data and devices safe from compromise, and ultimately restore trust.


Attackers Use Valid Credentials

Using valid credentials is the most commonly used method of intrusion.

Bad actors use valid credentials to silently gain access and avoid detection for sometimes months or years.

Data encryption processes are good and necessary to secure connections but are too easily compromised when identity isn’t known.


Require a Different Approach

When solving for security problems, the conventional approach presumes attackers have already gained entry.

We fundamentally challenged ourselves to move the starting point back one step and prevent attackers from gaining entry.

It’s a simple “security by design” approach. Preventing initial intrusion events by bad actors who use valid credentials reduces risk and does not require re-architecting existing systems infrastructure.


Proactive Defense

Our cybersecurity solution leverages Zero Trust principles and an adaptive security architecture to shield device connections from compromise – between, among and within today’s diverse computing environments.

It provides identity-first access controls and known-identity trust relationships are dynamically built for every connection, communication and transaction.

Get Impact Protection From Silent Intrusions

Of all attacks start with compromised credentials (2022)

KnectIQ stops this #1 attack vector – compromised credentials – so breaches do not occur, and ransomware is not planted.

Average time to identify a breach + 84 more days to contain (2022)

Dwell time is not a concern when KnectIQ is protecting your environment.

Average cost of credential related breaches (2022)

Avoid unnecessary costs by preventing breaches and protecting devices & data with KnectIQ.

KnectIQ Cybersecurity Solution Platform:

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