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Trust Environments

Why Trust Environments?

There are three fundamental trust-assurance determinants: data privacy, security, and accountability. Privacy has become a central focus of concern for users, due to significant hacks of sensitive information to increasing government and corporate tracking of digital activities, identities, and locations of users. Data security is another concern for those who function as guarantors of trust. Trusted Certificate Authorities continue to fall prey to rogue issuers. PKI is aging and subject to meaningful vulnerabilities.  Finally, accountability is necessary as risk curves increase, with users beginning to demand recourse options, such as legal frameworks that hold businesses and institutions accountable. The growth in nation state regulation, for example, the GDPR in the EU, represents a “regulate first, trust later” approach. Missteps at enterprises that seek to monetize user data highlight the need for data security compliance schema.

Our Trust Environment technology eliminates the need for any persistent security credentials such as keys used for signing and/or encryption. Imagine lessened reliance, along with the associated threat vectors, on Certificates and their progeny. Further, our Trust Environment scales to secure any and all IoT endpoints, nodes, gateways and sensors.

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KnectIQ Enterprise IoT Services

KIQAUTH” – Secure IoT Device Endpoint Authentication
KIQSPT” – Secure Payload Transfer

KnectIQ Enterprise Key Management Service

“KIQKEY” – Next Generation Keyless Management

KnectIQ Enterprise Encryption Services

“KIQLOCK” – True End to End Encryption
“KIQSPT” – Secure Payload Transfer

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KnectIQ Personal Secure Document Transfer Service

“KIQDOC” – Document Delivery and Recipient Authentication

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