Cybersecurity is more important every day. Breached data records are now counted in the billions and privacy violations continue to mount. Critical infrastructure is constantly under siege from foreign and domestic actors. While there is no shortage of services to address various aspects of the security problem, KnectIQ’s approach to protecting data-in-flight uniquely addresses the heart of the problem.

  • Our Tech Explained

    Encrypting data-in-flight involves encrypting data at one location and decrypting it at another. With KnectIQ’s system, at the receiver the key is no longer needed after the data is decrypted, so the key is erased.

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  • The Problem

    Building upon a flawed foundation always leads to structural problems. Traditional approaches to securing data-in-flight are problematic because they share same issue: persistent stored secrets.

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  • Our Solution

    KnectIQ’s system approach succeeds because we uniquely address the root of the problem. By taking a system approach, we can both leverage the proven strength of existing cryptographic tools with no stored secrets, simultaneously protecting against and containing any breach.

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