Innovation requires orthogonal thinking, diverse disciplines and ideas cross pollinating in an environment of security and trust. Similar to the Medici Effect that powered the Renaissance, KnectIQ’s approach to cybersecurity is to create a Trust Environment where people and enterprises may connect, collaborate and innovate in ways not likely today due to toxic levels of mistrust driven by fundamentally insecure processes and the misuse of data and information. We aim to create Trust Environments where collaborators are free to unleash their best work.

Current cybersecurity practices and processes operate as inhibitors to innovation in science, technology, health outcomes, regional and national infrastructure security and defense. People, data and endpoint devices function in “leaky” IT, IoT and OT ecosystems that militate against organic and planned interactions among societal and market participants.

Leverage cybersecurity as a competitive and collaborative enabler to drive better marketplace and societal outcomes.

Join us as we ignite the Next Renaissance!


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