Smart Cybersecurity Solutions Restore Trust

SelectiveTRUST™, our Zero Trust based cybersecurity platform, delivers secure device access and quantum safe data protection unlike anything else.

Network “boundaries” no longer exist.

SelectiveTRUST™ transforms network protection to secure beyond traditional network boundaries. The platform provides dynamic, modern information sharing agility and controls while preventing unauthorized intrusions at any and all edge devices in real-time, every time.

SelectiveTRUST™ is a Zero Trust based system that establishes and maintains point-to-point trust relationships to prevent intrusions from unauthorized devices even if valid credentials are attempted to be used.

It is available NOW to integrate into your application, organization, or enterprise. Learn more about our solution.

Is SelectiveTRUST™ a Zero Trust Technology?

February 3rd, 2023|

KnectIQ applied the principles of the Zero Trust concept when building the SelectiveTRUST™ platform before Zero Trust was a buzz word in cybersecurity circles. Zero Trust based security products are [...]

Anatomy of a Data Breach

October 20th, 2022|

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