Identity is everything.

At KnectIQ, we start with device identity to secure and increase agility of data beyond the perimeter all the way to the edge. Our approach combines device/machine identity + authentication + access to create a ubiquitous control plane layer that protects data unlike anything else. We used ZeroTrust-based principles to develop a platform that establishes trust only between known endpoints. The system’s automated controls provide advanced security capability for data-in-motion that enables users to select who, what, and where to secure and send data in real-time.

It’s lightweight infrastructure that, when integrated into applications, operates like a digital one-time pad. There are no stored or static credentials, keys, or certificates – instead, keys are dynamically created, used, and then destroyed mere seconds after the encryption/decryption process is complete. This makes things much harder for cyber criminals to successfully access systems and networks using compromised credentials. 

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Benefits of SelectiveTRUST™

Make Silent Network Entry a Thing of the Past

KnectIQ trust environment prevents silent “front door” entry by bad actors, even when they use valid credentials.

Confirm & Audit Security of Data for Every Transaction

Full audit trail includes verification capabilities no other cybersecurity solution in the world offers.

Know Immediately When Intrusions are Attempted

Real-time alerts provide immediate ability to react.

Reduce or Eliminate Key Management Systems and Save Money

There are no public cryptographic keys to generate, exchange, store, destroy or replace. Public key management systems can be decommissioned.

Save Time While Enhancing Your Security Stack

You can implement our control plane without replacing your existing security architecture.

Gain Peace of Mind

Know your data is protected and access is secured with our ZeroTrust environment that prioritizes identity ahead of security.

KnectIQ Technology 100% Meets These ZeroTrust Data Security Laws