KnectIQ, /kəˈnɛkt aɪˈkju/

KnectIQ is a leading cybersecurity solutions company that built a new answer to eradicate the world’s most pervasive cyber intrusion tactic – credential use by bad actors

Cyber attacks continue to increase in volume, sophistication, and cost every day. When companies and organizations are unable to protect customer data it erodes trust.

KnectIQ founders believed it was imperative we find a way to protect customer data. Our company was founded to establish and maintain trust environments that prevent successful attacks on systems, networks and devices to keep data and devices safe from compromise, and ultimately restore trust.

And like most new ideas, a roughly drawn picture on a napkin began our journey to build an answer that will help eradicate the world’s most vexing cybersecurity problems.

The result is a game-changing, patented, ultra-secure cybersecurity framework we call CyberStepZero™. It combines enterprise class identity, access management, data protection and privacy solutions to assure networks, devices and data retain their confidentiality, integrity and availability.

With KnectIQ:

  • No unauthorized persons or devices, even if they are in possession of valid credentials, can gain access to data or network environments.
  • Silent undetected entry – the #1 cybersecurity issue of 2021 – is a thing of the past.
  • Data is more secure than it has ever been.

KnectIQ Technology 100% Meets These ZeroTrust Data Security Laws

Meet our Leaders

Ken Morris
Ken MorrisFounder & CEO
Shal Jain
Shal JainChief Technology Officer & Chief Technical Architect
Anna Harrington
Anna HarringtonChief Operating Officer
Andrew Lunstad
Andrew LunstadChief Product Officer
Susie Moore
Susie MooreChief Marketing Officer

Advisory Board

Latest News & Updates

Second Patent Issued for KnectIQ Technology

KnectIQ is pleased to announce the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a second patent (No. 11,165,568) for KnectIQ cybersecurity technology on November 2, 2021. This patent protects the [...]

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Rick Waddell joins KnectIQ Advisory Board

(St. Paul, MN) (October 26, 2021) – KnectIQ Inc., an innovator in cybersecurity technology, today announced Rick L. Waddell, Lieutenant General (Ret.), U.S. Army Reserve has officially joined the KnectIQ Advisory [...]