KnectIQ, /kəˈnɛkt aɪˈkju/

KnectIQ is a minority founded and lead cybersecurity technology provider that works in partnership with prime government contractors and government agencies/departments/programs to accelerate Zero Trust transformation

KnectIQ was formed to disrupt today’s standard information security practices and bring a better security solution that restores trust.

Like most new ideas, a roughly drawn diagram on a napkin began our journey to build a solution that brings Zero Trust based capability and information sharing agility to provide operational effectiveness and competitive digital dominance on mission.

KnectIQ restores trust by verifiably assuring secure authentication & authorized access for every endpoint device, everywhere, in any environment, at all classification levels, in real time with SelectiveTRUST™.

   Safe. Secure. Trust Restored.

Meet our Leaders

Ken Morris
Ken MorrisFounder & CEO
Shal Jain
Shal JainChief Technology Officer & Chief Architect
Jim Myer
Jim MyerChief Financial Officer
Susie Moore
Susie MooreGlobal Marketing Director
Erik Cyre, CDR (Ret) USN
Erik Cyre, CDR (Ret) USNManaging Director, Government, Military & Int'l Business Development

Advisory Board

Latest News & Updates

Is SelectiveTRUST™ a Zero Trust Technology?

KnectIQ applied the principles of the Zero Trust concept when building the SelectiveTRUST™ platform before Zero Trust was a buzz word in cybersecurity circles. Zero Trust based security products are everywhere [...]