KnectIQ, /kəˈnɛkt aɪˈkju/

KnectIQ is a world-leading cybersecurity technology company formed in 2015 because it was clear there was not a good answer to a simple question: How might we keep hackers out and better secure sensitive data?

Company founders believed it was imperative we find a way to stop hackers from accessing communications, systems, networks and devices because sensitive data was being compromised at an alarming rate. And like most new ideas, a roughly drawn picture on a napkin began our journey to build an answer that will help the world eradicate two of the world’s most vexing cybersecurity problems.

It wasn’t long before we discovered that whether it was stolen cryptographic secrets or spoofed identities, the one thing those two problems shared was that their secrets were stored. And a stored secret is a stolen secret. So we asked another simple question: What if secrets didn’t have to be stored? And although there is an entire industry built around secrets management, we found out the answer is secrets do NOT need to be stored and if we do this right it will change the way we secure data in motion from here forward.

The result is a game-changing solution that is the ONLY commercially available patented and patent-pending ultra-secure true ZeroTrust technology that finally solves the stored secrets problem. A three decades old lynchpin that stalled innovative advancements in securing data in motion has been eradicated through the KnectIQ solution. With KnectIQ, no unauthorized persons or devices, even if they are in possession of valid credentials, can gain access to data or network environments. And just like that, silent and undetected entry is a thing of the past. And data is more secure than it has ever been.

KnectIQ Technology 100% Meets These ZeroTrust Data Security Laws

Meet our Leaders

Ken Morris, JD | Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ken Morris, JD | Founder & Chief Executive OfficerKen Morris, CEO is an entrepreneur, executive, and advisor with deep domain expertise in cybersecurity, medical devices, healthcare, financial services and IT/OT. Following years as an executive with Boston Scientific and Guidant Corporation, Ken founded several startups, including an award winning strategic advisory firm. Most recently Ken founded KnectIQ, which provides transformative cybersecurity innovations for endpoint protection, IT and OT environments, financial services, global data privacy, critical national infrastructure, and medical device and health data security. Ken serves on multiple boards and frequently presents internationally on cybersecurity and information security in healthcare, medical technology, financial services, law, data privacy, critical national infrastructure, the GDPR and pending e-Privacy regulations. His passions are developing the next generation of leaders as well as music composition and scoring for all 15 instruments he plays.

Shal Jain | Chief Technology Officer & Chief Technical Architect

Shal Jain | Chief Technology Officer & Chief Technical ArchitectShal Jain, an enterprise/web architect, engineer and organizational leader with 35+ years of experience.

Prior to joining KnectIQ, Shal was the CTO at Assessment Systems, where he built a highly scalable platform for certification and assessments. As the Chief Architect of FoundationIP, he created the industry leading IP management platform. And as the Chief Engineer/Co-Founder at MobileOn Services he co-designed and developed an application framework that enabled on phone, up-to-date applications for clients including an NBA franchise, a Fantasy Football provider, and a VC publication. When he is not busy working, he can be found at the bottom of a pool improving his underwater hockey skills.

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