Our Tech Explained

Encrypting data-in-flight involves encrypting data at one location and decrypting it at another. For example, if you send data from one data center to another, and want to ensure confidentiality of this exchange, you would use data-in-flight encryption to encrypt the data before it leaves the sending data center, then decrypt it at the receiving data center. The key used to encrypt the data is no longer needed by the sender after it is sent, so with KnectIQ’s system, the key is erased. At the receiver, the key is no longer needed after the data is decrypted, so the key is erased.

With competitive systems, the key is used for months or even years, so it must be carefully protected. With KnectIQ the keys only exist long enough to encrypt or decrypt the message, so there is no need to manage these keys.

KnectIQ’s Trust Environments are built in two distinct steps. First, an organization virtually connects the endpoints (users, apps, etc.) to their KnectIQ service. Second, relationships are defined between the endpoints for each allowed communication path.

Services can represent applications built on top of KnectIQ’s infrastructure (Messaging, M2M, Industrial, File Exchange, Email, etc.). Users represent mobile phones, PCs or even browsers that have been provisioned in the Trust Environment. Communication between Users, Services and the KnectIQ service is all encrypted without stored keys.

This solution is already running in the cloud. But it is flexible and not tied to any hosting service, so it can be deployed for an organization to run on their own servers for Internet or internal use.

Example Implementation

In partnership with a vendor in the biometric sector, KnectIQ has begun building a solution that secures inflight customer data by:

  • Securing customer data as it is transmitted to relevant institutions and companies
  • Allowing the data subject to approve each transfer
  • Securing biometric data-in-flight over the Internet
  • Enabling GDPR and ePrivacy compliance

By addressing the fundamental problem and leveraging our solution, customers will be able to release a solution with industry leading inflight data security, quickly and affordably.

Resilient and Futureproof

In the not too distant past downtime was a fact of life. But we realized that eliminating single points of failure could make our previously brittle services robust. Cybersecurity is poised for a similar revolution by eliminating stored secrets. KnectIQ provides the only infrastructure solution available today that delivers robust security for data-in-flight.


KnectIQ provides the only infrastructure solution available today that delivers robust security for data in flight.