Ultra-Secure Protection for Data-In-Transit

Banks are attempting to address the problems that KnectIQ solves. Adjacent industries from financial services to gaming are particularly vulnerable. KnectIQ ZeroTrust technology keeps bad actors from gaining access using valid credentials – today’s most vulnerable threat surface.

KnectIQ - Less Expensive

Smart ZeroTrust Based Access & Data Protection Solution
Applications for Banking and FinTech

  • Mobile Apps: Customer access through banking apps provides a rich environment for criminals to exploit. Many mobile applications in banking today attempt to prevent compromise of data in flight by employing certificate pinning where the Financial Institution effectively serves as its own Certificate Authority. While more secure than TLS or other off-the-shelf cyber security solutions, it does not play nice with DLP or other SSL Intercept solutions but more importantly still leaves one or more static keys as single points of failure in the solution.
  • Web Portals: No need to warn customers not to use public Wifi to access their accounts and information.  KnectIQ can create ultra-secure pathways for customers by adding their devices to the Trust Environment and allowing safe access from anywhere.

  • Partner APIs: The security of banking partners connecting into a platform is only as secure as the weakest partner’s security choices.  KnectIQ can help banks give partners secure access to parts of their Trust Networks and in so doing enhance the protection and enable the monitoring of secure data transmissions.

  • Communications & Data Transfers: Data moving between branches, branch to data center, or branch to corporate can be better protected with the elimination of static keys throughout the security systems deployed.  The costs associated with monitoring and rotating the static keys can also be recovered.

  • Remote Employee Access: To successfully navigate the work practices forced upon the industry by COVID or simply to allow the most flexible work options for its employees, banks can use KnectIQ to help secure communications and access from home for their employees with a higher level of security than VPNs and existing solutions provide.


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