AIS and AFRL Complete T&E of SelectiveTRUST™

KnectIQ achieved another milestone in the continued trajectory of the company’s success.

Assured Information Security, Inc. (AIS) completed a Testing & Evaluation of the KnectIQ SelectiveTRUST™ system capabilities as part of a related Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) contract. This rigorous assessment covered the robustness, resiliency, and readiness of SelectiveTRUST™ for operational pilots across government sectors.

The Executive Summary of the Testing & Evaluation Final Report summarizes the findings with this statement, “Based on the comprehensive evaluation of SelectiveTRUST, it has been determined that it provides all claimed functionality related to a zero-trust based capability. It has also been determined that it is sufficiently robust and secure for integration into an enterprise-level or DoD security infrastructure for advanced threat protection and data integrity assurance. Its operational readiness for pilot deployment further substantiates its viability as a strategic cybersecurity asset.”

These summarized findings and the subsequent recommendations from the Executive Summary of the T&E Final Report stand as a testament to the significant and accelerating progress at KnectIQ. SelectiveTRUST™ is third-party validated and ready for broad and accelerated adoption in the defense, national security, and critical infrastructure sectors.

Read the Executive Summary of the T&E Final Report to further understand the T&E comprehensive work and key findings of AIS.