President Biden signs an Executive Order to modernize and bring consistency to the U.S. Government’s cyber posture. The focus on prevention, Zero Trust, data-centric cyber practices and tools, supply chain security, and a willingness to explore and implement more robust principles provide a pathway for the Nation’s most innovative and agile tech companies to contribute to the country’s economic and societal well-being.

The Executive Order encourages and grants permission for agencies to explore and deploy modern Zero Trust principles such as the following:

1. No secret (certificates, encryption keys, credential, etc.) exists outside of its immediate function.
2. Establishing identity must not violate the first principle.

Opportunities to modernize Multi-Factor Authentication by using “friction-less” MFA that removes the human, may now be part of Government’s cyber toolkit.

The opportunity framework has been set. America is up to the Challenge. We are in “No Excuses” territory. Let us simply get this done.

KnectIQ Inc.ZeroDown® Software and other innovative and agile companies are ready to contribute.