As the Biden administration continues to grapple with how to close gaps in the nation’s cybersecurity systems, we at KnectIQ are ready and willing to help. And we know we can. Our innovative technology solves a big piece of the cybersecurity breach prevention puzzle.

Government has a role to play in raising standards on breach reporting for accountability and is right to say that software is critical infrastructure. But policy makers must be careful that, in raising the bar for the cyber laggards, they do not constrain the ability to innovate.

A recent article posted April 29, 2021 by NPR with the title, “Biden Order To Require New Cybersecurity Standards In Response To SolarWinds Attack,” certainly caught the attention of KnectIQ CEO Ken Morris. He posted these two responses on his LinkedIn page:

“The Executive Order using federal contracting to encourage good cyber practices will be helpful as long as it requires that companies and federal departments deal with root cause threats. Valid passwords or other initial access credentials were used by bad actors to gain a foothold presence, through the front door, long before the “new tradecraft” in-network escalation. These types of attacks can be prevented by deploying Zero Trust based access and data protection technologies. Solutions exist and are deployed today.

If the Order misses this fundamental first step, we will continue the unknown “front door entry” – persistent presence of bad actors – discover breach – incident report – investigation – share data cycle.

We can do better. Let’s hope the Order requires zero trust-based access and data protection, not simply the status quo.”


“The following quote from a recent NPR article is quite interesting.

“The key here is we can’t just expect companies to be motivated to build secure software because it’s the right thing to do,” said Kiersten Todt, managing director of the Cyber Readiness Institute and a former Obama advisor on cyber issues. “Government has to be working with these companies to tell them what secure software looks like and give them the resources and incentivize them to do so.”

The statement, while I suspect well intended, overreaches the point. Companies can and do build secure technologies. We at KnectIQ Inc. developed and deployed #zerotrust based access and data protection technology that prevents the use of valid credentials and passwords by bad actors precisely because it was the right thing to do for societal and economic reasons.

Companies like ours want to help with orthogonal technologies that work. Simply provide the opportunities to do so unencumbered by the status quo. Embrace innovation. Partner with industry that pushes boundaries and refuses to settle for less than the best. Encourage and give permission to those innovative government team members to lean in to the New!”

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