Enhanced Security and Information Agility

The KnectIQ system provides cutting edge data security needed for military, intelligence, government network and information sharing requirements. KnectIQ enables multi-source data transmission, C4I and information advantage at reduced cost, full scalability, and for all classification levels. Enhanced security and information agility can be delivered to any number of critical components of the digital competition space.

  • Network Security: Secure data in flight across the entirety of military, intelligence and government computer systems, regardless of classification level. Enable controlled information and collaboration engagements on existing networks or commercial infrastructure.

  • Command, Control, Communication, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting (C4ISR&T): Ultra secure data and communication transmission and sharing across a wider collection and distribution spectrum in real time.

  • Advanced Data Collaboration and Distribution Systems: Increase the incoming information stream and outbound delivery endpoint security for increased operational collaboration and coordination when used in advanced battle management and collaboration systems. Tailorable in real time to information security level/endpoint receiver.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Energy command and control system security, early warning system data security.

  • Unmanned System Command, Control, and Data Management: Ultra secure command and control of unmanned systems in any domain, thwarting attempts of seized control or counter commands by adversaries. Secure transmission of video/data collection products from collection source to endpoint.

  • Satellite/Space Network Communication Security: Secure data transmission and distribution across all pathways and data types throughout the satellite constellation. Provides a non-hardware intensive, updatable security capability throughout a rapidly configurable, interconnected constellation system for enhanced reliability and flexibility of communication and data transmission needs, secure from network data intercept/decryption, corruption, and pathway disruption risks not associated with physical satellite attack.

  • Quantum Proof Cryptography: This system has no public keys and no attack surface for quantum computing.