AFWERX Challenge: KnectIQ Competing in the Data Availability for Improved Planning and Decision Making category.AFWERX, the catalyst for fostering innovation within the U.S. Air Force, announced KnectIQ Inc. as one of the 179 participating teams selected from across the globe to advance and compete in this year’s AFWERX Challenge focused on Reimagining Energy for the Department of Defense (DoD).

KnectIQ Inc. is competing in the Data Availability for Improved Planning and Decision Making Challenge alongside a diverse group of teams – originating from the vast regions of North America, Europe, Australia and other allied countries – that represent entrepreneurial startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academic institutions and research labs all vying to Reimagine Energy for the Department of Defense. 

The AFWERX Reimagining Energy for the DoD Challenge is critical to our mission of increasing collaboration between large businesses and entrepreneurs to accelerate solutions for the Air Force,” stated Mark Rowland of AFWERX. “On behalf of AFWERX and the Department of Defense, we congratulate the teams advancing to the next phase. Their contributions are invaluable and have the potential to create game-changing results across the Air Force enterprise.” 

The Data Availability for Improved Planning and Decision Making Challenge strives to improve our available data and analytics capabilities around the generation, transmission, storage, and use of energy.

KnectIQ submitted its innovative solution to the AFWERX challenge to showcase its ability to provide data security, operational agility, and real-time information advantages necessary to dominate across all data and information domains. The company’s solution prohibits the use of valid credentials by unauthorized and unauthenticated entities. The solution isn’t just a concept. It is available now, easy to deploy, fully auditable, less expensive and more secure.

KnectIQ stops hackers from gaining access by eliminating all stored keys and allowing true end-to-end encrypted data transmissions. KnectIQ’s Zero Trust infrastructure provides continuous tracking and monitoring by delivering real-time alerts on breach attempts. This groundbreaking patented and patent pending technology enables the ultra-secure movement of critical data. Threat surfaces such as stored, static keys and certificates associated with PKI are eliminated.

“We bring enabling innovation that provides enhanced capabilities to the Air Force, Department of Defense and other government departments.” states KnectIQ Founder and CEO Ken Morris. “We are excited to compete in the AFWERX challenge and stand ready to collaborate to accelerate innovation.”

A virtual showcase of participating companies and innovation teams will be held in February 2021 and is accessible to the general public. View the KnectIQ Virtual Booth.