St. Paul, MN, July 16, 2019 – KnectIQ Inc., an innovator in cybersecurity, announced today the awarding of a patent that secures the identity of persons and devices without the threat surfaces and weaknesses attached to current technologies. Issued to KnectIQ on June 11, 2019, the utility patent builds on the company’s technology to protect critical data-in-flight, a major development in the global efforts to meet increasing regulatory and compliance requirements related to privacy.

“Leveraging a unique and proprietary approach, KnectIQ provides a Trust Environment that enables the secure movement of data. Our technology also provides secure authentication for trusted communication between devices, within supply chains and among business partners,” states KnectIQ CEO Ken Morris. “Further, reviewers of our technology note that we eliminate the need for PKI and key management when our solution is used to secure data-in-flight, thus providing an optimal environment to meet privacy, regulatory and compliance demands.”

KnectIQ’s breakthrough technology provides a solution to assure privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information by eliminating the “single point of failure” that is manifest in today’s data-in-flight security tools.

“In the not too distant past, downtime was a fact of life. Today, systems are robust and reliable, effectively eliminating that concern. Similarly, data-in-flight security solutions contained the seeds of failure – stored encryption keys. We realized that eliminating single points of failure could make our previously brittle services robust. Cybersecurity is poised for a similar revolution by eliminating stored secrets. KnectIQ provides the only infrastructure solution available today that delivers robust security for data-in-flight,” comments Chief Technology Officer Shal Jain.

KnectIQ, Inc. is a privately held provider of innovative cybersecurity tools. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN since 2018, the firm is also registered to conduct business in the EU with an office in Luxembourg.