Post-breach strategies will always be a focus, but don’t ignore pre-breach front-door security efforts.

When a big breach hits the news, the first step always noted is, “the malware was planted” or “the data was stolen”. This is not really the first thing that denotes a breach, it is actually the second. The step prior is the one everyone skips because the effect of a breach demands more immediate attention than the root cause. It is the one where the wrong identity used the right credentials and gained silent entry allowing them nearly undetectable access until such time as the bad actor acts badly. At KnectIQ we address the root cause.

A very determined hacker is likely to succeed. It is true. But KnectIQ makes it exceedingly more difficult. According to a 2019 Forbes article, 74% of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse. One can assume credential abuse applies only to threats on the inside, however we cannot ignore the outside threat with the rise of Phishing, credential stuffing and the like.

Prioritizing pre-breach protection and detection by integrating our innovative technology effectively thwarts this persistent threat, leaving your security teams with the ability to direct more post-breach intervention resources to the 26% of breaches that gain a foothold some other way.

Take that protective step in the right direction with KnectIQ to protect your data, devices, and networks. With KnectIQ, you can keep bad actors out, even if they have valid credentials. Can your security solution do that?

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