TechNet Cyber 2023 logoKnectIQ is a Small Business Sponsor of the AFCEA TechNet Cyber 2023 event hosted by AFCEA International in Baltimore, May 2-4, 2023.

As a small business member of AFCEA,  KnectIQ leaders support sponsoring AFCEA events and look forward to engaging with attendees and session speakers at the event.  “It is a great opportunity to connect with other innovative companies and individuals in person and show how SelectiveTRUST™ by KnectIQ can operationalize Zero Trust security at trusted edge devices with unprecedented controls” said KnectIQ CEO Ken Morris.

SelectiveTRUST™ by KnectIQ accelerates Zero Trust transformation for our government partners. It prevents credential-based initial intrusions and provides quantum safe data protection with true point-to-point information security, real time cryptographic flexibility, data agility, and high availability for full spectrum C5ISR&T. It secures reliable connectivity to all trusted devices, everywhere, in real time, in any existing environment, at any classification level.

KnectIQ leadership team members Ken Morris, CEO, and Erik Cyre, CDR (Ret) USN, Managing Director, Government, Military & Int’l Business Development will be in attendance at the event.