Zero Trust Based Device Access Controls & Data Protection

With continued increase in volume and of cyber-attacks, focus is shifting to breach prevention. KnectIQ can help do exactly that. Our patented Zero Trust-based device access control and data protection solves for the most common foothold event involving access by unauthorized entities using valid credentials. Three of every four breaches are achieved this way. Contact KnectIQ today to learn more.

Enhanced Protection Security
for Virtual Care & Telehealth
Data-In-Transit and Data-At-Rest

  • Telehealth Mobile Apps:

    Patient access to care through telehealth applications provides a rich environment for criminals to exploit. Protect your virtual care business and ensure security of your patient PII with SelectiveTRUST™ from KnectIQ.

  • Secure Clinical Information Exchange:

    Ultra secure data and communication transmission between clinics and known third parties are logged in real-time. Safe clinical data exchange and collaboration like never before.

  • Clinical Research Organizations:

    Secure the collection and delivery of research data to partners and collaborators both inside and outside your organizations. Audit logs demonstrate the security of transmission to all stakeholders.

  • Physician/Caregiver/Family Communications:

    Secure communications across known endpoints are possible with the CyberStepZero™ configurable trust environment. Provisioned healthcare providers, patients, caregivers and family members can access secure communications from trusted devices. And cybercriminals are unable to intercept communications and data even if they attempt to use stolen but valid credentials.

  • Remote Patient Management:

    KnectIQ cybersecurity technology is better than VPN, uses frictionless MFA, and provides secure transmission of protected patient data in motion from source to endpoint. Each transmission is logged and fully auditable. This provides unprecedented evidence for regulators and stronger compliance with HIPAA.

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