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  • Designed for Trust, Built for Privacy.

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  • In 2015 we discovered something. CISOs, government officials, and weary executives were telling us that they can’t sleep at night – because they felt it’s only a matter of time before a major breach occurs.

    So, we set out to fix it. Indeed, there are a staggering number of data breaches. About 6.2 million records are breached every day. And we spend $4.1 billion every year trying to fix it.

    Meet the visionaries behind KIQ Assure™, the first cyber security solution that eliminates the single point of failure underlying current security solutions. Our proprietary technology manages secrets, provides a true trust environment, and helps you achieve global compliance.

Meet Our Team

  • Ken Morri, CEO and Founder

    Ken Morris, JD

    — Founder & CEO
    • Former Fortune 500 Executive
    • Law Degree
    • International Speaker

    Ken Morris, CEO is an entrepreneur, executive, and advisor with deep domain expertise in cybersecurity, medical devices, healthcare, financial services and IT/OT. Following years as an executive with Boston Scientific and Guidant Corporation, Ken founded several startups, including an award winning strategic advisory firm. Most recently Ken founded KnectIQ, which provides transformative cybersecurity innovations for endpoint protection, IT and OT environments, financial services, global data privacy, critical national infrastructure, and medical device and health data security.

    Ken serves on multiple boards and frequently presents internationally on cybersecurity and information security in healthcare, medical technology, financial services, law, data privacy, critical national infrastructure, the GDPR and pending e-Privacy regulations. His passions are developing the next generation of leaders and a bit of music here and there.

  • Shal Jain, Chief Technology Officer

    Shal Jain

    — CTO
    • Engineer
    • Serial Entreprenuer
    • Enterprise/Technical Architect

    Shal Jain, Chief Technology Officer, is an Enterprise/Technical Architect, engineer and organizational leader with 25+ years of experience. He is highly experienced in both technical (SAAS, Mobile, distributed components, scalability, integration, SOA) as well as management (distributed teams, project lead, product development, client management, strategic planning) aspects.

    Prior to joining KnectIQ Shal was the CTO at Assessment Systems, where he built a highly scalable and efficient set of tools for certification and assessment domains by leveraging current technologies.  As the Chief Engineer/Co-Founder at MobileOn Services he co­-designed and developed an application framework that enabled on phone, up-­to-­date applications for clients including an NBA franchise, a Fantasy Football provider, and a VC publication.

    Shal is a creative and pragmatic engineer comfortable in entrepreneurial start-up environments.

Advisory Board

With the understanding that the company needed experienced advisors, Ken Morris tapped his expansive network and assembled an impressive board to advise on both the domestic and international fronts. Their guidance and leadership have been invaluable.

Current Position in Bold

John Mullen
Emeritus Member
Senior Vice President, AppGuard
Assistant Director of the CIA
Associate Executive Assistant Director of the FBI
Ricky Hasan
Capital Markets
Chief Executive Office, MTM Capital Partners
Chief Investment Officer, MAN Group
Executive, CitiCorp Investment Bank
Mark Heinrich
Managing Partner, Oakleaf Technology
Retired Admiral, United States Navy
Ching-Meng Chew
Fortune 500
Founder of Sinar LLC
Global VP and Treasurer, Ecolab
Treasurer, Medtronic
Sean Cleary
Med Tech
Medical device industry specialist
Advisor, Purdue Biomedical Engineering
M&A: Guidant and Boston Scientific
VP, Inspire Medical
Jeanne Forneris
Med Tech
Legal and Strategic Consultant
SVP, Bioventus
General Counsel, American Medical Systems
Senior Counsel, Medtronic
Denise Holloman
Fortune 500
Principal, DAH Advisors
VP, General Mills
Blaise Misztal
Cyber Security
VP Policy, The Jewish Institute for National Security of America
Fellow, Hudson Institute
Executive Director, Task Force on Extremism in Fragile States, US Institute of Peace
Director of National Security, Bipartisan Policy Center
Larry Jeddeloh
Industry Expert
Editor, The Institutional Strategist
Founder, TIS Group
Chief Investment Officer, Resource Capital Advisers
Israel Nelken, PhD
Super Computing
Founder, Super Computer Consulting
Member, Cboe’s Product Development Committee
Lecturer, University of Chicago
Jay Novak
Venture Capitalist
Advisor, medical device company
Incubator, 28 life sciences companies
Charisse Lillie
CEO, CRL Consulting
Board Chair, Philadelphia Federal Reserve
EVP, Comcast Corporation